Volunteer Event This Sunday!

Fleet Pond Society organises and runs a series of volunteer conservation activities at the Pond. The next conservation task is this coming Sunday, May 10.

Colin Gray writes:

“On our management tour recently we agreed to direct attention to the protective fencing along the banks above the pony paddock main access (where the water tank is located).  The existing fence is now just a line of posts with odd bits of wire remaining to be removed. The Ranger, Joanna Lawrence, says we can have some of the posts from the workshop storage yard which should be longer lasting than the logs we usually use. This will be a dry task not requiring wellies but will need lots of cutting, sawing and hammering!”

If you have never been before and fancy trying it, please just turn up (details here) or else give Colin Gray a call on 01252 616183, who will be delighted to provide additional information.

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