Volunteer Event This Sunday, 9 October

There will be a volunteer event at Fleet Pond this coming Sunday and all are welcome to attend (see below for registering).

Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society, writes:

“Our task for this Sunday is some marsh clearance work at Fugelmere Marsh (the one close to Sandy Bay) and a large bonfire of previously cut material. We will also need to move material cut at the Coldstream task to Fugelmere to add to the bonfire. It should be quite a conflagration if it has not been too soaked by the rain!

Nick has ordered baked potatoes so it is off to get them today to stock up (see also taster picture below).

Soil conditions will be soggy so please wear wellies or waterproof boots and wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. Watch out for sparks from the fire too as these can burn holes in clothing. As usual a warm drink mid-morning will be supplied but bring your own water if needed.”

For further information and booking for this event (which is essential as tools and resources have to be planned beforehand), please contact Hart Countryside Services:

Phone: 01252 623443
 Email: countryside@hart.gov.uk

The Sunday volunteer tasks are supervised by a Hart Countryside Ranger, Nick Macfarlane, together with members of Fleet Pond Society.

A full listing of the Sunday volunteer events for the 2016/17 season can be found here. Why not give it a go?


Enjoying hot potatoes at a previous Sunday event

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