Volunteer Spotlight – Megan Spencer

At Fleet Pond Society, we always have a need for volunteers and these cover a wide range of backgrounds and skills.

As a recent example, Fleet Pond Society plan to sell bespoke sweatshirts later this year to help raise funds and we were in need of some graphic design expertise. Here’s the story:

Megan writes:

“Back in July this year I posted a small description of my desire to gain ‘real-life’ Graphic Design experience on an internet forum and Beth Pipe from Fleet Pond Society got in touch to see if I was interested in creating some designs for new sweatshirts. The rest as they say is history!

I am a 21 year old third year Graphic Design student studying at the University of Lincoln and am always on the look out for ‘live project’ experience. Growing up as a member of the YOC (Young Ornithologists Club) in Bromley, Kent and a real nature lover this project seemed an ideal project for me.


Picture: An Early Design (Final Version Has The Heron Below)

We began by discussing the different wildlife at Fleet Pond and I was given free reign to come up with the initial ideas. This way the committee could focus their vision and help to choose an appropriate design. This design project was very much a collaboration with the committee and it was important for me to produce something that not only they were happy with but that they could feel truly emulated Fleet Pond.

The initial ideas were made up of illustrations of pond life in outline and silhouette formats. Then after seeing my designs the committee decided they would like to see some more bird designs in the style of the Uffington horse.

finallogosmall1After a few more consultations and amendments the design was finalised. A heron in flight.

I am planning on becoming a full-time freelance Graphic Designer when I graduate in May this year working directly with design agencies and also with local businesses. My main focus is currently in the print, branding and advertising fields although I hope to expand on my web design knowledge to offer a broad range of design capabilities.

If you are interested, inspired or just curious about my work take a look at my blog or email me for more information. I am currently happy to negotiate work for little or no fee to gain valuable experience and to add to my portfolio.”

If you (or your friends and family) have skills that you think may be useful to the Society then please get in touch as there’s more going on than you might imagine! Contact details are in the About page.

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