Fungi Alert! What Is This?

Michelle Salter writes:

There is some weird and wonderful fungus to be found nestling in the undergrowth and growing on trees at this time of year. Walking around the pond this afternoon, I noticed lots of small, purple coloured fungi growing amongst the leaf litter, particularly along the path by Coldsteam Wood.

Can anyone identify it?

Michelle is the Secretary of The Fleet Pond Society.

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0 thoughts on “Fungi Alert! What Is This?

  1. Local fungi expert, Mike Waterman, e-mailed me with the following identification. So I think you were right, Weird Darren.

    The violet/purple fungus is probably Laccaria amethystina = Laccaria amethystea = amethyst deceiver, quite common. The colour is perfect. Fungi occasionally have growth peculiarities, and an upside-down cap on top has been seen before. Usually other specimens of the same species nearby are quite normal. A picture of the gills would confirm/deny the probable identification.

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