Wildflower Watch around the Pond

Yellow Flag Iris
Yellow Flag Iris

Michelle Salter has written a series of posts on the wildflowers that can found around Fleet Pond during the Spring and Summer months.

This year, many plants have bloomed later than usual, and it’s interesting to see how this compares to previous years’ flower sightings.

March: Lesser Celandine and the Brookly Stream

April: Marsh Marigold, Cuckoo Flower, Dog-violet & Forget-me-not

May: Bogbean, Garlic Mustard and Skunk Cabbage

June: Yellow Flag Iris, Honeysuckle and Yellow Water-lily

July: Heather, Lichen, Meadowsweet and Yellow Loosestrife

August: Berries, Rosebay Willowherb and Purple Loosestrife

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