Would You Like To Contribute To This Blog?

We are always on the lookout for new writers, photographers and illustrators for the blog!

The motivation could be a strong personal interest or hobby or perhaps as part of a school or college project. The blog has had over 62,000 visits so far so it’s an excellent place to get profile.

By taking a look at the various articles that have been published you can get a good idea of the style and typical level we’d like. Here are some popular examples:

Butterflies: Peter Martin has contributed a fascinating series of posts on butterflies at the Pond – see here.

Plants: Michelle Salter has published a popular series of posts on plants that can be seen at the Pond eg here and here.

Birds and other wildlife: Peter Hutchins wrote a post on the 42 species he saw on a 1.5 hour walk round the Pond! See here.

Colin Gray’s article on bees, written in 2008, is still the most popular article written!

Fish – we’d really appreciate an author on any aspect of this subject as we have very few articles so far!

History – I’m sure there’s lots more to write about but we’ve had a few really interesting articles that might inspire you, see here and here.

Regarding photography at the Pond, we have a site on Flickr that you might want to join or take a look at. This site was set up to cover general Fleet Pond Society events as well as wildlife and pond scenes.

You can also follow Fleet Pond Society on Twitter.

Please send me an email if you’d like further information or have a query:

David Pottinger at bloginfo@fleetpondsociety.co.uk

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