And She’s Off! Amazing Mandy’s Mission Begins…

Colin Gray, Cathy Holden and Mandy Saxby

Michelle Salter writes:

Amazing Mandy began her 24-hour challenge at 7.30pm this evening, with Fleet Pond Society members, led by Chairman Colin Gray, cheering her on her way.

Adjudicator, Cathy Holden, was there to monitor proceedings and to ensure Mandy’s walk started promptly at 7.30pm.

I walked with Mandy for the first two hours and despite light rain, we managed to stay relatively dry and warm. But as night fell, bats flew around our heads, the temperature dropped and the rain became a little heavier.

Mandy will have company throughout the 24 hours, with a changeover of walking companions every two hours.

This is an extremely gruelling challenge, not helped by the current wet weather, so I do hope you will support Mandy by sponsoring her online at:

Mandy sets off!

Good luck, Mandy!

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