She Did It…Well Done, Mandy!

Mandy Saxby and Colin Gray

Michelle Salter writes:

A tired, but surprisingly cheerful, Mandy Saxby, completed her gruelling 24-hour challenge in glorious sunshine and rising temperatures.

With a dramatic change in weather conditions since Friday evening, Mandy has faced rain, cold, heat and scorching sunshine – not to mention vampiric insects!

Mandy was greeted by a noisy reception committee as she slowly completed her last lap of the pond and emerged into sunshine at Chestnut Grove jetty, just after 7.30pm yesterday evening – so she actually did nearly 24 hours and five minutes! 🙂

Fleet Pond Society Chairman, Colin Gray, was on hand to present Mandy with a certificate of appreciation for her commitment to raising funds for the Clearwater Campaign.

Mandy, still clutching a collecting tin, thanked everyone who had supported her with online donations and those who gave money direclty to her as she walked.

There is still time to donate online at:

Mandy is greeted by cheering supporters!

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