BT Volunteers Help Out At The Pond


The BT Volunteer Team plus Rachel Jones (front right)

Rachel Jones, the Countryside Ranger, writes:

“Last Friday British Telecom (BT) came to Fleet Pond to help with the conservation work as part of their giving back to the community via volunteer work.

They worked especially hard clearing a large portion of the encroaching birch saplings off the rear heath land habitat. They enjoyed being out of the office and in the outdoors doing a valuable task!

Also Fleet Pond Society were working at incredible speed erecting the new Eastern Viewpoint platform. We all worked as one large team as some of the BT volunteers got stuck into digging out the new pathway to the view point in preparation for the surfacing that will go on top.

Ranger Rachel was very grateful for all their hard work despite the showers!”


Hard at work on the pathway leading to the new viewpoint (see also here)

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