Volunteer Event This Sunday – 9 March 2014


Having a well-earned baked potato at the end of the volunteer task in February


Rachel Jones, the Countryside Ranger, has added an update to this post (that was published yesterday, where it said that the task would be centred on the Dry Heath):

“As the Dry Heath fire site is still flooded I have set up a fire site on Fugelmere Marsh (by Sandy Bay). There are plenty of branches to clear nearby as well as further away for those that want to stretch their legs and follow the tractor!

There is work needed along the Fugelmere fence line so tasks close by as well as a great fire and spuds 🙂

See you all at the workshop for 9:15 am, we will not have the Dry Heath as our base, but Fugelmere instead.

The area is firm but a bit muddy and it would be best to wear wellies.”

If there are any major changes to the weather, this task may of course need to be modified. If you are in any doubt, please contact Hart Countryside Services (details below).


Map showing the locations mentioned in this article

Why not come along for some fresh air and exercise, as well as having the nice feeling that you’re doing something really useful for the community?

To get a flavour of these volunteering activities, please read about the previous task here (see also picture above).

For further information and booking (which is essential as tools and resources have to be planned beforehand), please contact Hart Countryside Services:

Phone: 01252 623443

Email: countryside@hart.gov.uk

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