Catching Bream At Fleet Pond

2013-08-08_bream 1

The First Bream

David Pottinger writes:

Whilst taking a walk round the Pond yesterday, I struck up a conversation with an angler, Chris Gadsden, at one of the fishing swims. I was curious to find out how the angling was going.

To my surprise Chris had already caught (and released) nine bream that morning so I thought I’d wait and see if any more came along. After about 15 minutes one was caught (see above), followed by another about 10 minutes later (see below).

They are common (or bronze) bream and about 4 lbs in weight. Bream are shoal fish which explains why catching one can sometimes lead to catching another in the same vicinity.

2013-08-08_bream 2

2013-08-08_bream 3

2013-08-08_bream 4

The Second Bream, Just 10 Minutes Later – This Time A Younger And Livelier One

To fish at Fleet Pond a permit from Hart District Council is required. These are available from the reception desk in The Harlington Centre, or ‘Tackle Up’ on Fleet Road.

Also required is an Environment Agency rod licence which is available from the Post Office or the Environment Agency website. Fishing is only allowed from a boat or an approved fishing jetty and site by-laws apply.

For an overview document on ‘Fishing And Boating At Fleet Pond’ by Hart Countryside Services, please see here.

Additional information can also be found on the Tackle Up Facebook page: Fleet Pond Anglers.

Finally, we are currently in National Fishing Month 2013 (19 July – 26 August) – see here for details.

Photo credits: David Pottinger.

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