Feast Yourself For FPS – 13 October

FPS Dinner WEEd. Some fascinating background on the current High Sheriff of Hampshire, Jamie Balfour, can be found here and some interesting information on the history of the Office of the HIgh Sheriff is here, including:

The post has developed over a thousand years or more of continuous existence and devotion to the Crown. The duties of the High Sheriff have been adapted and moulded to the particular needs of each century. In a period of huge social change, the High Sheriff of the 21st century still fulfils the ancient role of supporting the shire, upholding its peace, encouraging loyalty to the Crown and stimulating its communities and voluntary societies to work for the common good. The Office lasts for a year.

Regarding Fleet Pond Society (FPS) and the High Sheriff, you can read about Terry Austin‘s recent prestigious award for his conservation work at Fleet Pond over many years, greatly benefiting the local community.

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