Fleet Pond Artworks at Fleet Station

2016-07-18_Murals 0

Picture inspired by Coldstream Marsh, Jacob’s Wood and Willow Island

David Pottinger writes:

A few weeks ago I was waiting for a train to London at Fleet Station. It turned out that the train was 10 minutes late so, with nothing better to do, I started looking around at the various improvements to the station, including the new waiting room. On closer inspection, I noticed that there were some very attractive artworks on the walls of the latter and, going inside, I was very surprised to see that they were of the different parts of Fleet Pond! If you’re unfamiliar with the geography of Fleet Pond, see the map here.

The next time you’re taking a train in the direction of London, why not take a look? They’re very well done (see above and below).

Comment: I’ve been back twice to take some more photos but both times the waiting room was locked. Apparently there’s a technical fault with the press button door lock that they are aware of and presumably will sort out shortly.

Here are some photos that I took (click to enlarge). As you can see, the pictures are large and impressive:

2016-07-18_Murals 1

Picture inspired by Kenilworth Wood, Dry Heath and Fugelmere Bay

2016-07-18_Murals 2

Picture inspired by Coldstream Marsh, Jacob’s Wood and Willow Island

2016-07-18_Murals 3

Picture inspired by Lions’ View, Bramshot Wood and Boathouse Corner

2016-07-18_Murals 4

Picture inspired by Sandy Bay, East Marsh and Brookly Reedbed


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