Fleet’s Future – A Public Consultation


The video above, which gives an overview of Fleet and also mentions Fleet Pond, has recently been put up on YouTube – it’s worth a watch!

It’s a promotion by FleetFuture who are developing a Town Plan to guide the future of Fleet Town Centre.

This is an important topic and they would appreciate it if you could help by:

1) Reading the Consultation Document (please click here to download a “pdf” version), and

2) Completing the Survey.

All responses are anonymous.

The survey is open to all people aged 11 and above, who either live in the area or work within Fleet.

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday 16 September.


“The town centre should be bustling and attractive, full of people and entertainment, as well as retaining nearby tranquil open spaces like Fleet Pond and the Basingstoke Canal.”

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