FPS Photo Competition 2009: Tips For Sunrises And Sunsets


This year’s FPS Photography Competition (deadline 31 December 2009) has three categories:

  1. Work or Play
  2. Sunrise or Sunset
  3. Birds

Here are some tips for taking stunning pictures of sunrises and sunsets (full details and a few more tips can be found here):

  • Think Ahead – scope out good places and find out when the sun will set or rise
  • Shoot At A Variety Of Focal Lengths – do you want a sweeping landscape shot or something zoomed in?
  • Silhouettes As Focal Points – think of an attractive point of interest incorporating silhouettes
  • Rule Of Thirds – it’s often good to place key elements off-centre
  • Shoot At A Variety Of Exposures – abandon auto-mode and take some shots in aperture or shutter priority mode at different exposures
  • Keep Shooting – until you’re sure it’s all over!

I hope you find these tips helpful and we’re looking forward to your creative submissions!

Picture credit: Vicki Jull

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