Happy Feeding The Ducks and Swans!


Recently June Shutt of Farnborough contacted Colin Gray (the FPS Chairman) to ask about getting to and enjoying Fleet Pond when accompanied by her young son and pushchair. I’ll put the reply up separately and shortly as this information could have a general use.

The day went very well and June writes:

“Thanks for a lovely afternoon on Sat. We did go down the 1st set of steps (LO was able to hold my hand and walk down). We then fed the ducks, geese, swans (which he really enjoyed). It’s surprising how tame the birds were and how they tried to grab the food (granary bread) from our hands. We then we did most of the “yellow walk” around the lake, coming up at the far end of the car park steps.

LO is 2 and a half so the walk was good for him…

It was also nice to see small fences on on the landing stages so it was nice and safe for him. (Tri-lakes at Sandhurst does not have this kind of fencing).

I have attached a piccy of LO having fun (and it brought back many memories of my childhood – being taken to feed the ducks).”

If you ever require any information on the Pond, please feel free to contact Colin who will be delighted to help. His contact details on on the About page above.

Picture credit: June Shutt (with agreement).

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