Have You Noticed The Story Trail At Fleet Pond?

Whilst helping out with the visitor survey recently I noticed the above sign on one of the posts – I was curious as to what a ‘story trail’ was!

Investigating further, and from their website:

With the help of professional storytellers from Orange Apples we have developed a range of family-friendly trails based on easy access, circular countryside paths of around a mile long. Each trail has its own special story to be shared with children (and adults!) along the way.

Luckily we have a story for Fleet Pond and it’s entitled:

“The Princess, the Pike and the Pond”

A free pdf of the story can be downloaded here (page 4 is given below as an example).

Why not try it out? We’d be delighted to hear how you get on!

You can contact us by leaving a comment on this post (see below) or else via our Facebook or Twitter sites.

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