More Progress With The Visitor Survey

Enjoying A Lunchtime Walk From The Business Park

During the recent brief good weather spell (well over a week ago now), we took the opportunity of continuing with the Fleet Pond Visitor Survey. Here are some photos from this lunchtime activity.

A Nice Place To Walk The Dogs

Taking A Lunchtime Break From Work At Dimension Data

Cycling To Work Via The Pond

Visiting From Yateley And Enjoying The Bird Life

Many people remarked that the link bridge (pictured below) made a big and very much appreciated improvement in accessibility!

At the current stage, we have conducted 135 interviews covering 222 people and logged over 500 visitors for the same period.

This is good progress, especially considering the poor summer weather.

If you have any immediate thoughts on the survey, please leave a comment below – we’d be delighted to hear from you!

We are planning on posting a formal visitor questionnaire on this blog shortly, in case there is an interest in responding this way.

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