Mackenzie Smith Raise Funds For The Pond

2015-04-08_Certificate 2From L to R: Colin Gray of FPS with Roxanne Lewington, Tara Skinner and Graham Tufnell of Mackenzie Smith

David Pottinger writes:

In previous posts (eg here), we have mentioned that Roxanne Lewington and Tara Skinner of the Mackenzie Smith Estate Agency had decided to enter the Fleet Half Marathon this year and that they had chosen Fleet Pond Society (FPS) as the receiving charity.

After many hours of gruelling training, we’re happy to say the Roxanne and Tara successfully completed the event on Sunday 22 March. As a result, £471 has been raised by donations (£559 incl. Gift Aid) to support the Clearwater Campaign at the Pond.

In appreciation of all the effort involved, Colin Gray, Cathy Holden and myself visited their Fleet High Street Office recently to meet the runners personally and for Colin, Chairman of FPS, to present a certificate of thanks (please see the photo above).

On the Mackenzie Smith blog, Roxanne writes (see here):

“It was a wonderful event to take part in, I’m so pleased we did it and so pleased we managed to raise more than we had expected. A medal from the event and now this certificate and some chocolates, it definitely has been a rewarding experience!”

Once again, many thanks to Mackenzie Smith for supporting the upkeep of Fleet Pond.

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