Volunteer Event This Sunday, 12 April

Sunday Events Schedule Feb Jun 2015With the advent of the better weather, why not consider coming along to our volunteer event this Sunday, or perhaps a future one?

Describing the task, Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society (FPS), writes:

“Weather looks set fair for this Sunday. Rachel (the Ranger) and I have had a preview inspection and we have drawn up a pick and mix selection of jobs to do, all in and around Brookly Wood.

You will be able to choose from;

  • Clearing back bramble from the footpath around Brookly Wood.
  • Wading into the stream to remove bamboo already cut and cutting back more along the stream bank. A job needing Wellies not waders.
  • Clearing further bamboo invasion from the rear of gardens which is marching out into the wood edge.
  • Digging out a stream relief ditch that has been infilled as a result of heavy vehicle movements by Brookly (aka Monet’s) Bridge.
  • Collecting into black plastic bags a lot of very unpleasant rubbish found in the four stew ponds when the contractors dredged them last month. A smelly job.
  • Removing some daffodil bulbs dumped with garden refuse in the wood. A job for anyone wanting some free daffodils?

You will need wellies if clearing bamboo from Brookly Stream or digging out the relief ditch. I strongly advise bringing insect repellent as the warm weather and damp conditions will see our mosquitos and midges out looking for a feast. Good news for the bats but not such good news for us who feed the insects!

We will set out our centre of operations in Brookly Wood within the beech tree glade and set off in parties from there. Return to the glade for drinks and munchies at 11.00 a.m.”

For further information and booking (which is essential as tools and resources have to be planned beforehand), please contact Hart Countryside Services:

Phone: 01252 623443
Email: countryside@hart.gov.uk

The Sunday volunteer tasks are supervised by a Hart Countryside Ranger together with members of Fleet Pond Society.

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