March Volunteer Event – Bird’s Nest Spotted!


Picture: Inserting A Volunteer Event Notice

As the volunteer group go from the assembly point at the Countryside Workshop (in Old Pump House Close, off Kenilworth Drive) to the event location, notices are inserted in the ground so that any late-comers can find there way. Also interested members of the public can follow the trail and come and take a look at the event!


Picture: ‘A Lazy Dog’

Tools for each event are available to all volunteers as well as protective clothing such as gloves. One such tool is known as a Lazy Dog and is useful for removing items with shortish roots that would be otherwise difficult to pull out by hand. The task for this Sunday was the removal of birch seedlings and saplings on the Dry Heath link to The Green (see map on the About page above if you are unfamiliar with the place names).


Picture: Nest of Long-tailed Tit

Whilst carrying out the task, a defunct and well-preserved nest of a long-tailed tit was spotted. The long-tailed tit is a very attractive little bird and in winter they move around in family groups. If you are lucky they will visit peanut feeders in your garden!


Picture: Long-tailed Tit (Note Nest In Background)

Picture credit above: RSPB.

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