Nick Arrives in Liverpool!

Nick’s Route Day 6

The map shows in purple how far Nick has travelled, the red line is the distance covered today and the green line shows the route still to go! 

Nick Keeley writes: 

After a pleasant stay with my sister in Tarvin, I enjoyed a relaxed, later start cycling through quiet lanes in the sunshine. After that I had about 16 miles of riding through a built-up area, which was not so much fun. 

I took the ferry across the Mersey to Liverpool and then cycled alongside the river, eventually reaching my brother’s house. 

I was pleased to find out about a group donation from some residents of Chestnut Grove for £100. Thanks to them. 

As I’ll be visiting family tomorrow, the next blog will be on Sunday. 


Nick still has to face the journey home and any new donations give power to his pedals!!! 

To donate online: 

PS – While Nick enjoys a well deserved rest, other members of the Fleet Pond Society’s committee will be taking part in the procession tomorrow at the Fleet Carnival. Look out for those Fleet Pond Friars!!!

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