Nick’s Bike Ride – Day 5 – Stone to Tarvin

Nick's Route Day 5

Nick Keeley writes:

I started out from Stone in drizzly weather and with a hard slog uphill but the downhill was absolutely wonderful! A problem I had was that I had to keep leaving the main road to avoid the traffic and so had to go up hills again and it was like this for 2 hours!

The weather gradually improved and the countryside became more gentle and I then spent some time in Nantwich. I was on the point of ordering a healthy ham salad when I saw someone having a cream tea and changed my mind. This was lucky as I had the best scones I have ever had since my mum made them when I was small. In case you’re interested, this was at The Inglenook Tea Shoppe, opposite the museum!

After climbing the hill out of Nantwich my gear cable snapped so I had to do the last 15 miles in top gear which was hard on my hernia!!!

I arrived at my sister’s at 15.00 after riding for 41 miles (200 miles in total up to now). After tea, my brother-in-law drove me to a bike shop and I’ve now fitted a new cable.

Looking forward this evening to some company (after two evenings in deserted restaurants).

I’m really pleased that the total sponsorship for my ride has now topped £1,000 – many thanks for all the donations and support!

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1 thoughts on “Nick’s Bike Ride – Day 5 – Stone to Tarvin

  1. Well done Nick. Had another envelope through the door yesterday; another 20.00 to add to the 115.00 posted Friday.

    Keep it up. Roasting hot day here yesterday and for the Carnival today, so drizzle would have been welcomed here!!

    Keep it up.

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