Premier Inn At The Pond

2013-10-02_Premier Inn 3

Group shot (mainly the Fleet Premier Inn Team)

David Pottinger writes:

On Wednesday 2 October, a large team of volunteers from Premier Inn (PI) took part in a conservation event at the dry heath at Fleet Pond. It was part of a series of team-building activities that were being carried out prior to the opening of the new PI hotel in Fleet on Monday 7 October.

2013-10-02_Premier Inn 1

Collecting birch to take to the fire (a distance away)

The weather was great and a lot of work got done, mainly clearing birch, and was supervised by Rangers as well as members of Fleet Pond Society (some of which are in the photo above).

2013-10-02_Premier Inn 2

PI volunteers hard at work, here cutting a clump of birch

2013-10-02_FPS firemakers

FPS volunteers starting a fire – smokey work!

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