Enjoying The Last Of The Summer Wine

2013-10-11 LOSW smMandy, Nick, Terry and Geoff from the LOSW Team (Oct 2013)

The ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ (LOSW) team are a number of volunteers that meet on a Friday to do a wide variety of conservation tasks around the Pond. Over the last couple of months they have been focusing on the new islands, as seen in the photos. By the way, there’s an impressive aerial view of the new islands here.

2013-09-27 LOSW smStarting a fire on Tern Island (Sept 2013)

2013-09-27 LOSW 2 smThe jackets are in case they fall into the water getting out there and back! (Sept 2013)

As well as doing really useful work, it’s all very lighthearted and fun as well. Apparently some of the team have even given themselves names eg Compo and Marina!

If you have some time on a Friday and feel like doing some voluntary work in the fresh air, please get in touch with the organiser Terry Austin on 01252 624925 or email tsandja2010@live.co.uk for further details. The team consists of a mix of ages and genders and new volunteers are very welcome.

Photo credits: Rachel Jones, Countryside Ranger (Grazing)

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