Results Of Photography Competition 2009

The results of the Fleet Pond Society (FPS) Photography Competition for 2009 were given at the FPS Annual General Meeting held in February this year. The full results of the competition (winners and highly commended) are given on the FPS website, here we give just the winners in each of the three categories: Birds, Work & Play and Sunrise/Sunset.

The competition was judged by Richard Warburton who is a local professional commercial photographer, based in Church Crookham. He is a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Please click each photo for a larger version.

We are in the process of setting up the competition for this year, 2010. If you have any views or ideas on how we could do things differently or better we would be delighted to hear from you. Please leave a comment below this post or else email me.


Category: Birds – Winner: Mark Hodson

Category: Work & Play – Winner: Marrion Boorman

Category: Sunrise/Sunset – Winner: Mark Hodson

UNDER 16’s

Category: Birds – Winner: Josephine Hodson

Category: Work & Play – Winner: Thomas Bristow

Category: Sunrise/Sunset – Winner: Thomas Hodson

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    1. We are currently reviewing various options (including online etc) before deciding on the best way forward for 2010. There will be a post on the blog (and elsewhere), hopefully shortly, giving details. Many thanks for asking!

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