Volunteer Event, 14 March – Biodiversity Benefit Day

At The End Of The New Corridor

Colin Gray writes:

The day could be described as a biodiversity benefit day on a small scale. Volunteers went into the woodland that separates the small woodland glade we call Gelvert Glade to clear dense holly shrubs and remove selected young trees to open a narrow corridor between the Glade and Fugelmere Marsh to the west.

The objective was to admit more light to the woodland floor to stimulate a diversity of ground plants to regenerate.

This will benefit insect life that depends on flowering plants.  The corridor will also create a flight path for bats.  Bats use the Gelvert Stream as a feeding corridor between the canal and the Pond.  This new corridor will create a linking feed corridor to the marsh.  Breaks in the tree canopy create turbulent air at tree canopy level which concentrates flying insects, ideal feeding zones for bats.

Building The Fire

Cutting Down The Holly

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