Ryan’s Close Shave For Fleet Pond

Ryan at the start

Cathy Holden writes:

Fifteen year old Ryan Saxby, a Year 10 pupil at Courtmoor School, had a close shave outside KJM Salons, in the Hart Centre last Saturday.  His shoulder length locks were shaved off to raise money for Fleet Pond Society’s ‘Clearwater Campaign’.

Ryan’s supporters watched as Brooke-Ellen Collins, of KJM Salons, applied the clippers and proceeded to give Ryan a number one cut.

Brooke-Ellen Collins finishing off the shave

Afterwards, Ryan said: ‘Beforehand I was kind of nervous, but now, having looked in the mirror I’m shocked at the transformation! ’

Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society said, whilst watching the event: ‘Ryan’s an enthusiastic supporter of the Fleet Pond Society, regularly joining our work parties on Conservation Sunday’s and in the school holidays. He is doing a brave thing for the Clearwater Campaign! ’

Kerry Mather, Brooke-Ellen Collins and Ryan Saxby

Mandy Saxby, Ryan’s Mum, had arranged the day with KJM Salons: ‘We are very grateful to Kerry Mather, Manager of KJM Salons in the Hart Centre.  She very kindly donated the time of apprentice hairdresser Brooke-Ellen Collins, as well as the chair and the clippers.  Brooke-Ellen has done a fantastic job.’

Smooth-headed Ryan being appreciated by his sister, Lauren, and mother Mandy

Many Saturday shoppers stopped to offer Ryan support by popping money in his sponsorship pot.  It is not too late to sponsor him and if you would like to do so please visit www.charitygiving.co.uk/closeshave.

The Clearwater Campaign is organised by Fleet Pond Society in order to increase public awareness and raise money towards restoring Fleet Pond.  Silt has caused a serious deterioration of the Pond’s water quality.

For further information on the Clearwater Campaign, please visit www.fleetpondsociety.co.uk or search for a variety of articles on this blog eg Chris Packham At Fleet Pond.

Picture credits: David Pottinger

Further photos of the event are available on Flickr – see here.

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