Sunday Volunteer Event – June – More Fences And Starting A Visitor Survey

The Visitor Survey Taking Place Near Chestnut Grove

Above and Below – The Visitor Survey At The Pond Car Park

At this event we initiated a survey of visitors to the Pond. We started with two high-usage locations: the car park and near Chestnut Grove (see the map in the About page above for further details).

The feedback was very positive!

The data gathering will continue over the next few weeks at a variety of locations so that a balanced assessment can be made.

The objective of the survey is to provide evidence for the popularity of the Pond and to understand its usage in more detail. This will help support applications for funds from new developments in Fleet and Hart in general, if we can show that people visit from a wide area.

The bulk of the volunteers (sample group above) carried on with the fence work started last month. An example of the finished product is given below – a very well-done job!

There is a summer break in the Sunday volunteer events. They will start again in September 2012.

Details of many previous events can be found by searching this blog (see rhs) and an overview for 2011-12 is given here.

Photo credits: David Pottinger

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