Stay Safe And Stay Off The Ice At Fleet Pond

From Eagle Radio today:

Hampshire’s park rangers are warning people to stay safe, and stay off frozen lakes.

There is no way to tell how thick the ice is on Fleet Pond, but there are reports people are taking to the lake anyway and skating during these freezing conditions.

Carl Westby is the Leisure Manager at Hart District Council. Speaking to Eagle Radio, he said there was a real danger skaters could fall through the ice, adding; “the temperature has risen to above freezing today and that means the ice on the pond will inevitable thaw. It’ll certainly thin and continue to thin […] we’re desperate for people to stay off the lake itself.”

There won’t be any park rangers working over the Christmas period and there are no public telephones there, so the worry is people could get in trouble in the freezing cold water and not get the help they need.

1 thoughts on “Stay Safe And Stay Off The Ice At Fleet Pond

  1. You can warn people as much as you like, but some people wont take a blind bit of notice.Despite all the signs that get put up.

    Usually the signs end up getting thrown in the pond.

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