Volunteer Event 12 December – Holly Day!

Baking Potatoes Ready To Go (Or Not As It Happened!)

The aim of this Sunday’s task was to clear the dense holly cover in the woodland between Gelvert Glade and Fugelmere Marsh. This makes way for sunlight to the woodland floor, encouraging plant diversity. The task also contributes to the objective of introducing grazing animals to this area next season.

It was hoped that we’d be able to have potatoes baked in the fire at the end but this unfortunately wasn’t to be! It took quite a while to get the fire going well (as all the material to be burnt was thoroughly soaked through) and even by 11 the fire wasn’t hot enough. However, weather allowing, we hope to have another attempt at this at the next meeting in January!

Starting The Fire…

The Half-Time Break Included Lots of Festive Treats…

Getting the Fire Really Going, Helped by Some Enthusiastic Pokes!

With All the Holly Removed – Quite an Enormous Difference!

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