Sunday 9 March – Fifteen Herons Flying


The ever popular baked potatoes being prepared


… and then enjoyed

Rachel Jones, the Countryside Ranger, writes:

“Another great turn out for the Fleet Pond Society Volunteer March Sunday!

Wow what amazing weather! We were all rewarded with Brimstone and Peacock butterflies, and we counted up to 15 Herons flying over the Islands!

The aim was to clear as much brash as possible from along the footpaths at Fleet Pond. These extra branches and logs were from the recent storms and previous volunteer parties. With the logs, the team made log piles in the woods which will be valuable dead wood for insects.

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Taking a well earned coffee break

The brash was pulled out of the Eastern marsh now thankfully the area is just about dry enough to venture out there! Terry and Nick worked on the view point and it’s looking great! There was lots of interest from passers by.

We have a team out on Fugelemere Marsh burning all the brash, some dragged from the marsh and some from nearby footpaths. We also reduced the huge pile off the dry heath.


Well, that’s one way to get the job done!

There is still much to clear and tidy but this was a really great effort from all and we are very grateful to all our volunteers.”

Ed. Some excellent pictures of herons at Fleet Pond can be seen on the Fleet Pond Society Group Pool on Flickr – see here.


Dedication – working on after the main event has ended…

Ed. If you are interested in the butterflies that can be seen at the Pond (as mentioned above), why not take a look at these articles by Peter Martin?

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Photo credits: David Pottinger and Rachel Jones.

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