The Famous One-Eyed Pike Of Fleet Pond Is No More

Rachel Jones (Ranger) With The Huge Pike

You never know the sort of things you’ll come across at the Nature Reserve – Rachel Jones, our Ranger, recently found this huge pike washed up dead at the Pond.

A local lady who walks the pond daily wandered by with her dog, and after a gasp of amazement, rather liked the fish and her name is Susan Pike!

The sad side is that it was an old fish, famous for having one eye. In fact Steve Lyons, Senior Hart Countryside Ranger, remembers it being caught a number of years ago.

I’ve always wondered what’s in the murky depths of Fleet Pond, so now I have a better idea!

For additional information on the fish at Fleet Pond, please see here and here.

Susan Pike (Visitor) With A Namesake

Many thanks to Rachel for the info and photos.

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