The Fascinating History of Fleet Pond

RE Bridge 1885

An old photo of a (military) bridge at Fleet Pond acquired by FPS (see here)

Whilst walking around Fleet Pond, with its peace and calm, it’s easy to imagine that it’s always been that way. However the actual history of the Pond is quite varied: its origins and link to Winchester, its use for recreation for people living in hectic London at the turn of the century and well as its use by the military (Aldershot is nearby of course).

If you’d like to find out more whilst actually on a walk, there’s a history board at Boathouse Corner (see picture below and map for location).


If you’d like to delve deeper, try the Fleet Pond Society web site which goes into some fascinating details as well as providing a wide range of interesting pictures. As a taster, here are some historical photos:

bathers at pond small

army under canvas at pond small



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