Walks With Buggies – Fleet Pond

I came across an interesting article on the ‘Walks With Buggies‘ site (picture above) that features Fleet Pond Nature Reserve (select the Region Hampshire). The description of the walk is usefully detailed and the walk itself gets a 5 out of 5 rating!

The web site was set up because:

Marie and her family live in the beautiful county of Dorset. Marie founded the idea while walking in the Peak District in May 2007. She became increasingly frustrated with the lack of freely available information on walks suitable for those with access challenges and after some research decided to create www.walkswithbuggies.com

The site has been mentioned in The Sunday Times as well as BBC News.

Here’s a brief extract from the description of the walk round the Pond:

Walk to the end of this car park area and you will come to the road that you drove in on. Turn left and in front of you will see a trail marked with a red, blue and yellow post.

Walk along here on a compact path and you will come to a large lake. In front of you is a viewing area. This is the start and end of this circular walk. You need to make sure you take note of this place or you could miss your turning back to the car park at the end of the walk.

Turn right here and follow the yellow and blue trail, which is a walk around the lake. You will come to some steps on your left that leads up to the station. Walk past these and you will come to a small hump wooden bridge. This has a small lip on and off it.

The article on the pond walk was written in 2007 and there have been numerous improvements to the accessibility of the pond since then, including better bridges.

If you’ve taken a buggy around the pond recently, we’d be interested to hear your views (please leave a comment below).

Picture credit: here (taken from the web site above).

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