Can you support our IT-based Membership System?

We’re looking for a person to take over the support of our existing IT-based Membership System and to handle future development. Generally it would involve no more than a few hours a month. The person who currently does this is looking to ‘retire’ but will help the new volunteer get up to speed.

The current system contains the details of just over 400 members and is developed in Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) using forms and code and runs on a Windows platform on a stand-alone PC. The main help we need at the moment is to support the current system, introducing any small incremental enhancements as required. You would work closely with our membership secretary and keep the Fleet Pond Society committee in touch with how things were going.

In the longer term we are open to considering re-engineering the system to use modern technologies, probably running as an internet-based application so that multiple users with differing privileges can access the data.


We need someone who ideally has some experience of development in a VBA environment, although anyone familiar with any dialect of Basic would be able to familiarise themselves reasonably quickly.  The current system uses SQL queries to extract information from the “database” and so any prior SQL knowledge would help.

For more info please email: